Pineapple Green Chile Margarita


½ cup pineapple juice

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon agave nectar

½ tablespoon Stubb’s Green Chile Anytime Sauce

¼ cup tequila

2 tablespoons orange liquor

Ice, as needed

Fresh pineapple pieces, for garnish


Mixing Instructions:

In a large drink shaker, combine pineapple and lime juice, agave nectar, Stubb’s Green Chile Anytime Sauce, tequila, orange liquor, and approximately ½ cup ice. Place lid on shaker and shake for approximately 10 seconds, or until well combined. Pour margarita and ice into two rocks or margarita glasses and garnish with fresh pineapple.


This recipe was developed for Stubb’s by Heather Hunsaker, of Kitchen Concoctions[1]. For more recipes by Heather, please visit her website at[2].

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