Spicy Ribeye

Photo courtesy of Bon Appétit. Stubb’s Spicy Ribeye (featured at the Bon Appétit Summer grilling party) by Chef Michael Toscano.
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  • Salt + Pepper (or Stubb’s Steak Spice Rub)
  • 1 bottle Stubb’s Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • 4 Ribeye steaks


  • Prepare the grill.

  • Rub the steaks with salt and fresh ground pepper. Let rest for 15 minutes. Grill ribeye steaks over high heat for 5-7 minutes on each side for medium-rare.

  • Remove from heat and brush on Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q sauce, then place back on the grill over high heat for 2 minutes (1 minute per side) to get a nice crust. The Stubb’s Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce, with its tomato-forward nature, brings out the flavor of the ribeye, and adds just a touch of sweetness and a little bit of a kick.

Nutrition information (per Serving)