Cowboy Style Grilled Chicken Sandwich

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  • 15m

    prep time

  • 30m

    Cook Time

  • 13





  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 3 Tablespoons Homemade Sweet BBQ Rub Link in recipe notes
  • 2 cups Stubb's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce
  • 6 slices medium cheddar
  • 1/4 jalapenos
  • 12 slices peppered bacon
  • 1/4 syrup
  • 2 sweet onions cut into 1/2 inch rings
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons seasoned salt
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 6 buns


  • Preheat your grill to 450 degrees F for 2 zone cooking, one side with direct flame heat and the other side with no flames.

  • Season your chicken breasts on all sides with the Homemade Sweet BBQ Rub. Place on the indirect side of the grill. Close the lid and cook for 6-8 minutes per side, or until the internal temperature reads 145 degrees F.

  • Baste the chicken breasts on all sides with 1 cup of Stubb's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce and move them over to the direct heat side of your grill. Cook for 2-3 minutes per side, until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F.

  • When you move your chicken to the direct heat, arrange your bacon slices on the indirect heat side of the grill and cook for 2-3 minutes per side. Remove to a plate and set aside until ready to assemble your sandwiches.

  • Move the chicken to the indirect side of the grill and cook for 2-3 more minutes until the cheese melts and the chicken reaches 165 degrees F internal temperature.

  • Toast your sandwich buns for 1-2 minutes on direct heat and set on your serving platter to assemble your sandwiches.

  • Place the grilled Bar-B-Que chicken breast on the bottom bun. Top each chicken breast with 2 slices of the maple peppered bacon, 2-3 onion rings, a few pickled jalapenos, and a healthy drizzle of additional Stubb's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce. Serve hot and

  • Buttermilk Onion Rings

  • Preheat 6 cups vegetable oil in a large Dutch oven over medium high heat.

  • Place the flour, seasoned salt, and paprika into a gallon zip top bag and toss to combine. Pour the buttermilk into a second zip top bag. Working in batches, place the sliced onions in the flour bag and toss to coat thoroughly. Move the floured onion rings into the buttermilk and toss to cover. Use tongs to move the onion rings back to the flour bag and toss until each onion ring is coated with onions.

  • Fry the onion rings in batches for 3-4 minutes or until they are golden browns. Remove them from the fryer onto a paper towel so they can drain and sprinkle lightly with salt. Set aside until ready to assemble your sandwiches.

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