Stubb's® Moppin' Sauce Bar-B-Q Baste

Ever wonder how C.B. Stubblefield would keep his brisket so tender? He used a traditional BBQ baste like this one, with the perfect blend of ingredients like vinegar, pepper and paprika. It’s a time-tested method for keeping slow-cooked meats nice and juicy during when you’re at the grill.


Distilled Vinegar, Water, Soybean Oil, Salt, Spices (Including Paprika, Black Pepper), Corn Starch, Garlic, Sugar, Canola Lecithin, Xanthan Gum (Thickener), and Guar Gum (Thickener).

UPC Code

34756000037 (12oz)

Nutrition information

  • 30 Calories
  • 0 Calories KJ
  • 2.5g Total Fat
  • 0g Saturated Fat
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • 0mg Cholesterol
  • 330.0mg Sodium
  • 2g Carbohydrates
  • 0g Fiber
  • 0g Sugar
  • 0g Protein