Tips For Great Grilled Chicken

Tips For Great Grilled Chicken

1.) Keep the heat down!

Chicken cooks best on medium to medium low heat. This allows the meat to cook through without burning the outside.

2.) Leave the skin on!

It holds in moisture and flavor. If you’re monitoring calories and fat, remove the skin before eating.

3.) Trim large pieces of fat from your chicken.

Doing so will reduce flare-ups, which can ultimately char the outside of your chicken.

4.) Mop it!

Moppin’ sauces and low-sugar marinades basted on during cooking will help seal in moisture and add flavor. Two additional tips: 1) Before you use your marinade on raw chicken, reserve some for basting; and 2) Don’t glaze with BBQ sauce if you’ve used Moppin’ Sauce. Serve BBQ sauce on the side after cooking.

5.) Add BBQ sauce in the last 5-10 minutes of cooking.

If you put your sauce on earlier than that, the sugars will burn and it will leave a bitter taste. Reducing the heat after you have added BBQ sauce will also help keep the sugars from burning.

6) Use a thermometer!

The only way to truly tell if your chicken is fully cooked (165°F) is if you check each piece with a thermometer.

7.) Cook your chicken with the lid down.

This will allow it to cook faster, reducing the likelihood you’ll burn the outside.

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