Smoking on a gas grill

Smoking on a gas grill


+ Foil or smoker box

+ Wood chips (of the variety you choose)

+ A gas grill

For those of you who like a nice smoky flavor to your barbecue, but who don’t have a smoker at home, we’ve got a little tutorial on smoking on a gas grill. Before you decide to smoke, there are a couple things to consider before you bust out the wood chips.


The first is:

Will what you’re cooking be on the grill for at least half an hour? If cooking for less than half an hour, the smoke won’t have time to really penetrate the meat, so you’ll have more luck with some liquid smoke.



Do you have the right wood chips? It’s important to choose the right kind of wood. A variety of hardwood chips can be used for their smoky flavor. Hickory, mesquite and oak are all popular. You can also try fruit woods, like cherry and apple.  Read up on the different types of wood here.



Less is more. An over-smoked piece of meat is rarely salvageable. If you’re not comfortable smoking, start with less wood and figure out what proportions work best for you, your grill, and your recipe.


Now, there are two ways to go about smoking on a gas grill, with many varying opinions on which method is the best. The pricier method requires that you go to a store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s, to purchase what’s called a ‘smoker box.’ These are boxes specifically made to smoke on a gas grill. To use these, you just fill them with soaked chips and set it on the edge of the grill, where the warming plate attaches.


If you prefer a more DIY method, this foil trick is for you.


To use foil, you can first soak the wood chips in a bowl of water for around a half hour. This keeps them from burning too fast, but is optional.




Next, place a big handful (about a cup, for most recipes) of wood chips on a large sheet of tin foil. Then fold all the edges of the foil together to make a pouch. Once you’ve got the pouch made, poke some holes in the bottom to allow the smoke to escape during grilling.



Now, place your pouch under the grill grate over the burner shield. Then fire up the grill and turn it to High. Once the grill is warmed up and the smoke pouch starts smokin’, place the meat over the burner where you placed the foil pouch. While you’re cooking, try to keep the lid closed as much as possible to allow the smoke to really circulate all around the meat. Cook the meat for its usual grilling time and use a meat thermometer to ensure that the meat has reached the correct internal temperature.




Then all you’ve got to do is let the meat rest for a few minutes (this allows the juices to redistribute, keeping it moist and delicious all the way through).