Rocky Stubblefields Tailgate Grilling Tips and Checklist

Rocky Stubblefields Tailgate Grilling Tips and Checklist

#1. Check the local weather.

If it’s hot outside your food may cook a little faster and if it’s cold or raining outside your grill will need a lot more attention to keep it up to temperature.

#2. Bring a meat thermometer.

It will help eliminate overcooked, dry meat and sour stomachs. Chicken should reach an internal temp of 165°F and pork, 145°F.

#3. Bring along some extra marinade.

like Stubb’s Pork Marinade. They are both great for adding to sour cream to make a dip for chips.

#4. Know your area.

Make sure you know the rules of the facility you’re tailgating in and get there early enough (3 to 4 hours in advance) to secure a prime spot to set up.

#5. Stay fire safe

Bring along a small galvanized trash can with a lid for your used coals. (15 lb. capacity)

The Essentials

Portable grill ___

Charcoal or full tank of propane gas ___

Lighter ___

Grilling utensils: tongs, sauce brush, grill gloves ___

Meat thermometer ___

Water ___

Folding chairs/tables ___

Canopy ___

Napkins ___

Foil ___

Trash bags ___

Sunscreen ___

First aid kit ___

Optional Entertainment: Football, deck of cards ___

Your favorite tailgate meats ___

Your favorite flavor of Stubb’s Bar-B-Q sauce LEGENDARY BAR-B-Q R __