Stubb’s Padding

Posted by: on March 7, 2013 • 5:19 pm

Birthday wishes from friends.

Depending on where you look, you can find quite a few different meanings for the word padding. In the dictionary you’ll usually find padding defined as, something soft used to protect, give comfort, or shape. But, it can also be used to describe adding things to words and figures, like adding time to one’s age or “padding” and account.

You are probably wondering why I’m talking to you about the word “padding.” Well, when you think about it, an apron is made of soft material and is used to protect, which makes it padding. Back in February 1988 this particular apron was signed by many of Stubb’s friends as a birthday present. Some were musicians, some were artists and others just good friends. If you look closely you can see that one of his friends ask, “How old are you?” Which brings us back to padding. Stubb’s actual birthday is not February 2nd as the apron suggests. In order to enlist early in the military many young males were padding their age and Stubb was one of them.  Stubb’s actual birthday was March 7th, 1931. Stubb usually celebrated both dates with his friends and family. However, the March 7th date became more special to me when my son was born on March 8th 2002.

Stubb’s best friend, musician Joe Ely, wished him a happy birthday.

Artist Paul Milosevish, who painted several works featuring Stubb, also signed.

Stubb had some amazing friends who offered him kind words. Here are two of my favorites.

3 thoughts on “Stubb’s Padding

  1. 11.14.13
    02:47 am

    Sandra Szabo says:

    Hello, Stubb
    Love your products and recepies however I have a question for you. Why does it cost more to purchase from your online store than from the local grocery store? (Publix)
    Thank you

  2. 05.03.13
    01:12 pm

    RICK WATERS says:

    Mister Stubb/s I love your RUBS WHERE CAN I BUY LARGER TUBS OF THEM. Rick Waters Chief Suppervisor Police Garage Shreveport La.

    • 05.03.13
      04:27 pm

      Stubb's says:

      Unfortunately, we do not have larger sizes than our 2 oz. sizes right now. However, you can purchase our rubs by the case in our online store or you can ask your local store manager if they can special order cases for you. Let us know if we can answer any other questions.

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