Rocky on Parade: Essential Tools for Barbecue

Posted by: on June 23, 2014 • 2:07 pm

Hope everyone is enjoying barbecue season out there! Stubb always said barbecue is about making do with what you got, and in his new article on, Rocky shares his favorite tools that he keeps near his grill at all times. Do you have the basics covered?

2 thoughts on “Rocky on Parade: Essential Tools for Barbecue

  1. 07.19.14
    10:57 pm

    Taylor Stewart says:

    Stubbs! What couldn’t I say about your products! We never cook without your sauces or marinades, and my husband won’t grill without them either. Your products are a staple in our home, and truly make our meals more amazing! Thank you!

    • 08.04.14
      02:09 pm

      Stubb's says:

      Thanks so much Taylor – great to hear! We appreciate you being a fan of Stubb’s!

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