How To Determine the Temperature of Your Grill

Posted by: on August 15, 2013 • 8:26 pm

Knowing the temperature of your grill is essential for proper cooking. If your grill doesn’t have a thermometer (or it broke), don’t worry. Here’s a quick way to tell the temperature of your grill. Hold your hand 6 inches above the heat source and count how many seconds you can hold your hand there:

High Heat: 3 seconds or 500°F

Medium-High Heat: 5 seconds or 400°F

Medium Heat: 7 seconds or 350°F

Medium-Low Heat: 10 seconds or 325°F

Low Heat: 12 seconds or 300°F


4 thoughts on “How To Determine the Temperature of Your Grill

  1. 12.06.13
    02:42 pm

    charles weirath says:

    I live in Maryland, but have a condo on South Congress. My phone in Maryland rang yesterday and the caller ID showed it was Stubbs Barbeque. It stopped ringing before I could answer it. Any reason for the call?.

    • 12.09.13
      07:34 pm

      Stubb's says:

      We are unsure who from our office might have dialed your number. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. 11.04.13
    10:34 pm

    bill strom says:

    I’ve loved and used Stubb’s products for many years. One of my favorites has been the Rosemary and Ginger spice rub. Are you no longer making this rub? It’s not listed on this site and cant find it in stores. Do you have anything close to the taste? Keep up the good work. Of the many, many Q products out there, Stubbs still is the king. Thanks for such great products.

    • 11.06.13
      07:23 pm

      Stubb's says:

      Thanks for being a fan of Stubb’s! Yes, our Rosemary Ginger Spice Rub has been discontinued. Our Chicken Spice Rub is the most similar, however, it is different. Can we help you locate a store near you that carries it? You can find our Chicken Spice Rub at Walmart Supercenters, Kroger, and many other stores. Please let us know your metro area and we’ll try to locate it for you.

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