Hatch chile season is here!

Posted by: on August 19, 2014 • 9:42 pm

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Every year as cool breezes creep into the warm summer nights and the sunsets of August begin to fade into the shorter days of September; we anxiously await the arrival of a new season.

Hatch chile season, that is!

Hatch chile season, August through September, is upon us and if you haven’t gotten caught up in the frenzy, you are sorely missing out! These unique chiles, exclusively grown in Hatch, New Mexico, have become quite popular in recent years.

Hatch chiles are known for their long, straight, flat shape. When selecting Hatch chiles, look for chiles that are bright green and uniform in color. They should be firm, crisp and have smooth skin, free from any blemishes.

Hatch chiles can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks or frozen for 6-9 months. To freeze, roast hatch chiles and remove their outer skin. Allow chiles to cool completely. Place cooled chiles, in a single layer, on a baking sheet and freeze for 6-8 hours. Once frozen transfer chiles to freezer safe packaging.

Not only are chile peppers known for their heat, they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamins A, B6 and C; and minerals such as iron and potassium. Studies have shown that eating nutrient rich chile peppers, as part of a well balanced diet, can help support a healthy immune and digestive system.

These long, green chiles can range in flavor profile from mild to spicy. They are often enjoyed roasted, but can be eaten fresh, pickled, stuffed and grilled. From mac and cheese to cheeseburgers, hatch chiles can be added to just about any dish to add some heat and Southwestern flavor profiles.

Since Hatch chiles are only available for a short time, this recipe for Grilled Steak with Corn and Green Chile Relish uses Stubb’s Green Chile marinade to add that special hatch chile touch to a simple summer dinner that can be made year round!

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