Classic Music Pairings for Every Sauce

Posted by: on August 23, 2012 • 7:53 pm

There have been so many beer/music and wine/music pairings that I couldn’t resist matching great music with our great bar-b-q sauces. This first pairing will match take on the classics. Look for an indie rendition in the future.

Willie Nelson playing at Stubb's AustinStubb’s Original

CB “Stubb” Stubblefield first started selling his sauce in old Jack Daniel bottles, capped with a jalapeno pepper. Stubb’s Original has a richness and taste that captures the essence of legendary Texas bar-b-q.

When someone says legendary Texas music, Willie Nelson comes first to mind. Willie is original as it gets. There is not much more to say – there is no one quite like Willie. Red Headed Stranger is one of Willie’s best known but I personally like Phases and Stages.

Billy J Gibbons of ZZ TopStubb’s Spicy

We take great pride in stretching the taste buds, and our spicy does so with habanero mash in this signature sauce. Stubb never dumb downed flavor for the masses. When he said spicy, he meant it.

ZZ Top delivers heat. Billy Gibbons stretches the limits of the guitar like our spicy stretches taste buds. Billy, Dusty and gang can crank it up like few other bands. There is plenty of great music to choose from but Tres Hombres is my personal fave.

Stubb’s Sweet Heat

Stubb’s newest sauce starts out with brown sugar and molasses and ends with chipotle adobe. The flavors soar – my new personal favorite!

Few artists could or can deliver sweet heat from a guitar like Austin’s Stevie Ray Vaughan. Start with Texas Flood but you can’t go wrong with any SRV LP.


Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite

This sauce is one of our favorite sweet sauces, combining natural sugars with the taste of Texas mesquite wood. The flavor rocks.

Janis Joplin was a Texan who really rocked. She had a unique smoky voice that helped redefine women and rock and roll. It’s a tough choice between Cheap Thrills or Pearl for me.


Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon

This sauce has a strong and growing fan base. Hickory smoke melded with the flavor of bourbon is a tough combination to beat.

Joe Ely was a great friend of Stubb, as well as a legendary musician. No pairing would be complete without an Ely connection to Stubb’s. Hickory Bourbon just seems right. Joe has cranked out a great many LP’s but I still favor his first Joe Ely from 1977.

Author: Dina Regine Date: 2009-10-04 Permission: CC-BY-SAStubb’s Honey Pecan

Folks have a love/hate relationship with this sauce. Mostly love, fortunately for us. Just as it sounds, our sauce provides a delicious blend of natural honey and pecans.

Lucinda Williams is the honey pecan in my music library. Her sound is tantalizingly sweet, yet with that rich, buttery flavor that comes from pecans. Lucinda has produced a lot of great music over the years but my favorite is 1998’s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.


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