We’re excited to be joining USA Football  and Tyson® Fresh Chicken on the 2013 USA Football Tailgate Tour. The tour kicks off today, September 13th, and we’ll be visiting 14 high school football games to celebrate the selection of 45 … Continue Reading »

Introducing Stubb’s Green Chile Marinade

Posted by: on August 21, 2012 • 7:52 pm

Stubb's Green Chile Marinade

In the southwest, about this time of year, there are multiple green chile celebrations happening. During this time, resturants feature green chile recipes, grocery stores have roasting parties, and families cook up feasts with this seasonal delicacy. Stubb himself loved … Continue Reading »

Building a Break Room in Afghanistan

Posted by: on May 29, 2012 • 8:01 pm


A few months back we received a very special request from some very special Stubb’s fans!  A group of Air Force weather forecasters over in Afghanistan were working on a break room and wanted 1600 Stubb’s bottle caps to decorate … Continue Reading »

Welcome to the Pit!

Posted by: on March 14, 2012 • 4:37 pm


Welcome to the new Stubb’s website! Stubb always believed in sharing his barbecue knowledge with others, because he loved helping people enjoy food. In this spirit, we’ve redesigned our website to continue his tradition of helping people make food taste … Continue Reading »