Introducing Stubb’s Green Chile Marinade

Posted by: on August 21, 2012 • 7:52 pm

In the southwest, about this time of year, there are multiple green chile celebrations happening. During this time, resturants feature green chile recipes, grocery stores have roasting parties, and families cook up feasts with this seasonal delicacy. Stubb himself loved chiles of all kinds. So we combined this passion for spice with some wonderful green hatch chiles and made an all new, limited-time, seasonal Green Chile Marinade. This marinade is spicy but complements just about anything – chicken, pork, shrimp. This week, in honor of the back to school rush, we’ve whipped up a Green Chile Chicken recipe that lets you make two meals with only one trip to the grill.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Stubb’s Green Chile Marinade

  1. 09.01.13
    08:21 pm

    Mary Ellen says:

    Sorry, hit post before telling you I live in the Kansas City area.

  2. 09.01.13
    08:21 pm

    Mary Ellen says:

    Where can I purchase the full line of Stubb’s besides online? I prefer not incur shipping costs but love your products!

    • 09.10.13
      12:50 pm

      Stubb's says:

      Thank you for writing! In the Kansas City area, there are several retailers who carry Stubb’s including Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, and Hy-Vee, however, they do not carry every Stubb’s product. Is there a particular flavor of sauce or marinade that we can help you find?

  3. 08.27.12
    06:47 pm

    Stubb's says:

    I don’t believe any stores in Helena will be carrying this marinade. We recommend purchasing it from our online store.


  4. 08.26.12
    12:30 am

    Chuck says:

    Any plans to put this sauce in Helena, MT? If so, where at?

  5. 08.21.12
    09:40 pm

    James says:

    I cannot wait to try this!! anything this man does is GOLD!!! love ya’ll

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