Building a Break Room in Afghanistan

Posted by: on May 29, 2012 • 8:01 pm

A few months back we received a very special request from some very special Stubb’s fans!  A group of Air Force weather forecasters over in Afghanistan were working on a break room and wanted 1600 Stubb’s bottle caps to decorate the top of their bar.  It was a small request from the men and women who serve our country.  Stubb was an Army man himself and probably would have wanted to hand deliver these bottle caps himself as a special thanks to the service men and women for all that they do for our country.  Enjoy these pictures as well as the letter we received:

Stubb's bottle caps spell out the word "War Hawks" on the bar top.


Attached are a few pictures with the crew. I’m the short one in front in between the 2 gentleman in the tan flight suits. Jason (the smart guy who helped me out a lot is in the back row holding the Stubb’s bottle). The second picture is of my weather team. We had the grand opening/farewell party last night. Everyone loved the bar and we enjoyed talking about the top made from the Stubb’s bottle caps.


So a few months back we learned that we would be moving into a new building. The biggest room was to be used for a conference room. Well, we don’t do much “conferencing” around here so I secretly drew up plans to make it our bar/break room. We call it the bar but we can’t have alcohol here so it’s really just a nice break room with a bar in it.

A coworker and I began scrounging wood from all over the base and combined with screws and nails that our loved ones sent, we began building. It took about a month using warped wood, too short screws, a circular saw and an electric drill. The (almost) finished product came out great. We had a plywood top for about 2 weeks until we appropriated some Plexiglas. Once we got that, the bottle caps went on, then the Plexiglas and we were done. The final bar is pretty awesome considering what we had to work with and the fact that we are both very amateur wood workers.

The ammunition shells hanging from the top of the bar are 30mm shell casings from the A-10 Thunderbolt II. I got the idea for the “fake crate” front and sides from the Indian Jones themed Tiki Bar at The top is some old camo netting that was laying around. The foot rest is from a metal bar we found on the side of the road. As you can tell, you can make something awesome from scrounged material (and some generosity from Stubb’s!).

Thanks again. By sending the bottle caps, you kept us motivated to finish the bar. I’m sure it will be admired for years to come.

Sincerely and with more thanks than I can ever give,


455 EOSS “War Hawks”

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